About JC Tech

Who We Are

JC Tech Services utilizes the diverse experience of its owner, Jonathan Culley, to offer practical solutions for business. Jonathan has worked in diverse business roles, managing all aspects of small business, including sales, credit and collections, production, product prototyping and development, marketing and executive management. When we address the role of a web site or web application, we are looking at the big picture for you, not just the technical details.

We are committed to your business. With our diverse background, we can answer questions and help you avoid common mistakes that most web design firms will make, because we are not just experts on the Internet, but rather consultants on business and how the web will impact your productivity, payroll expenses, client retention, data management, and executive decision making.

Simply put, proper use of the web can eliminate the need for additional employees, increase sales dramatically, and a variety of other applications that you may not have thought about yet.

Our History

In 2002, Jonathan Culley started JC TECH SERVICES as a full service technical service company with mobile service to businesses and residences. Though offering support for anything technical, it was the aim to focus on internet based business. In 2006 we began using the marketing name of Impossible Web Design to reflect our growing committment to internet based service. Because of our unique approach, Impossible Web Design grew quickly and continues to provide unequaled small - medium sized business web services.

It became apparent that the most successful portion of web-based services for JC TECH was in custom applications and program development. In June of 2009, Impossible Web Design was sold allowing JC Tech to focus on the unique solutions that will help business succeed.

We only take a couple of clients at a time, so don't delay in contacting us for an initial consultation.


Jonathan advised us on using a new CMS and helped us impliment it. We are saving tens of thousands of dollars each year with the new software and our web master finds it much easier to use.
   ~ Satisfied Client